Lilly Drogerie

Lilly Explores Beautyland To Discover Her Real Self


Lilly Drogerie is an international beauty retailer with more than 100 stores in Bulgaria and a wide range of beauty & hygiene products including 11 value-for-money own brands.

Targeting: Grownup Girls In The Spotlight

Lilly Drogerie was keen to attract as loyal customers predominantly young women aged 18-30 as well as young mothers, and create for itself a convincing image of a beauty stopover with good prices. In Bulgaria, the retailor was in dire need of an ongoing and truly engaging communication with monthly highlights through intriguing and esthetically impressive ads on a very competitive and price sensitive market.


It is never late for a woman to “grow up” – and the best way for her to do so is to become aware of her real beauty immutable in time, and one to live confidently with it.

Concept & messaging


  • Draw inspiration from classics: Alice in Wonderland.
  • Transform: Alice becomes Lilly. Wonderland becomes Beautyland.
  • Portray Lilly Drogerie as a special world of magic beauty.
  • Opt for powerful and distinct storytelling. The story of Lilly in Beautyland is a story of growing up as a mature and confident person; search for one’s identity and own unique style and preferences; curiosity to discover new things; and making benefiting from the diversity of the Lilly offers.
  • Focus on products that create magic in a woman’s life.


It feels good when miracles happen

The Journey In Beautyland: Roll-Out

  • Grand campaign opening: a tea party for influencers. Imbued with the atmosphere and imagery of Alice in Wonderland and with a host acting the role of the Mad Hatter, the stylish, atmospheric event attracted leading influencers for an inimitable start of the campaign.
  • A fairy-tale TVC: Alice-like Lilly enters a fascinating Beautyland where she encounters giant products of magic.
  • Digital communication was vital for the campaign’s success.
  • Monthly catalogue: 12 cover pages exploring Lilly in Beautyland magic moments borrowed fabulous imagery from Alice in Wonderland.
  • Monthly POS events in shopping malls: diverse, exciting, colorful events were organized for the shoppers introducing games with elements of Alice/Lully imagery.

The Magic Outcomes

  • 80+ guests at the tea party
  • 150+ stories
  • 210,570 organic reach
  • 350+ participants in point-of-sale events

Lilly in Beautyland Special Opening Event snatched the Silver for Special Event at PR Priz 2023.