Creative messages work when they embed core values

The Interpartners Communications group has entered its fourth decade.

The Interpartners Communications group has entered its fourth decade. At the heart of our long-standing success is a keen sense for the pulse and changes on the market. Yet because communications have grown into an interdisciplinary field and are firmly fitted to folk psychology and public attitudes, we are celebrating our anniversary with a survey of values in society. The poll is useful not only for us, but also for our customers, colleagues and partners, competitors and friends. 

Values feature prominently in every other successful campaign, though not necessarily in the most obvious way. So the survey, for which we commissioned the Trend Agency, has outlined a picture in which, without much surprise, the family occupies a particularly important place, overtaken in these troubled times only by peace. Children are placed on top of values in this country, as they give life a meaning. In the chart, our precious kids are followed by affordable education and healthcare. In general, a moderate conservatism prevails, in which most respondents declare affiliation with Bulgaria, as well as etatism (a stronger role of the state). Therefore, the guys in communications like us need to scale up our campaigns to this sustainable stereotype. 

The importance of values works to erase the boundaries between advertising and PR. Thirty years after the start of Interpartners (by the way, as one of the first classical advertising agencies in Bulgaria), we are clearly aware of this. Just one example in this regard is the rapid development of marketing with a cause, a "hybrid", which today is among the strongest forms of communication. So agencies have more often identified themselves as communicative and less as either purely advertising or PR ones. Companies and brands are on the lookout for the most impactful message and content for their audiences and the most adequate channels to bring messages to life, without the unnecessary division of advertising and PR. The wisdom of our experience encourages us to put the customer and the brand in the spotlight, while we remain "in the shadow", but keeping a leading role as orchestrators of communication. 

Campaigns & values:

The creative Bulgarian conservatism

30 years DEVIN – Trust in every drop and the renovation of 30 fountains

What better message than the revived Bulgarian public fountains on the occasion of the anniversary of the company that provides clean water to millions of consumers? With the support of the popular DEVIN brand and the participation of the National Association of Municipalities, our campaign became known to the media, society and people in the regions where 30 fountains were repaired. In the rich symbolism of the fountain that connects people to nature, we found a clear parallel with DEVIN's mission. The campaign continues with the fascinating stories of the renewed fountains that in the past and today unite communities. 

Education is a cult

When parents are proud of their students

The parental body in this country is keen and glad to educate their children. This attitude seems unshakable, i.e. it is an excellent basis for communication. After successful campaigns for the American University in Bulgaria under the themes Smartversity and Imagine, aimed at prospective students, we developed a campaign that speaks to their parents. And we started with the motto "Proud parent – today and in the future". We took into account the pragmatism of parents and told them about the career opportunities for AUBG graduates, the funding options, the practice-oriented training and the liberal arts system that puts the student at the centre. We organized a Parent Open Day on campus to introduce parents to the conditions there and to the vibrant student life. The campaign includes direct marketing, digital channels and social media, as well as outdoor advertising and radio. Because in this country education has become a cult. 

… and health above everything else

10 million steps walked with a cause

Since in the Bulgarian language the most popular greeting is "Zdravey!" (Be healthy used with the meaning of Hello), the place of good health in our system of values is cemented. This facilitated our information campaign on the symptoms, prevention and treatment of chronic venous disease (varicose veins) under the motto "Take your feet in your hands actively". It is organized by the pharmaceutical company Servier and together with the Bulgarian National Society of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and Angiology. Since physical activity is one of the main ways to prevent varicose veins, we worked closely with media partners and especially with influencers. We created the "Journey with a Mission" initiative with eight routes around Bulgaria to encourage people for more physical activity in nature. The goal was to walk 10 million steps together. Especially for the campaign, the fascinating dance "Krachenitsa" (from krak – leg) was created for good venous tone. The Barefoot Walk event in the South Park was part of the campaign. The Facebook group "Journey with a Mission" attracted over 1,300 followers. The ultimate goal of the Journey was surpassed – 10,896,020 steps! 

Daniela Konstantinova